Airdrops: how to get cryptocurrency for free

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency belongs to high-risk assets, the demand for it only increases every year. The process of purchasing digital coins is simple and fast, so any user can buy, exchange and sell cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes. But not everyone has the desire and ability to invest their own funds. For such people, there are other ways how to get cryptocurrency for free. One of them is participation in a free giveaway from blockchain projects.

How to get cryptocurrency for free by completing tasks

Airdrop — a one-time distribution of free coins by the blockchain platform to users for completing simple tasks. The main purpose of the Airdrop is to advertise a new application, site, program or token that is not yet traded on exchanges. In order to receive coins from the distribution, the airdrop participants may need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Having a wallet that supports new coins. In most cases, it is enough to have a MyEtherWallet wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. You will indicate the address of this wallet and your e-mail when filling out the participant form.
  • Subscribe to the project’s account in social networks: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Repost records from the official project page, leave a review or other simple actions.
    The more distribution participants complete tasks and attract other users (referrals), the more coins they receive. This is a kind of effective PR campaign for the project, because thanks to the active actions of those who want to get free crypto assets, information about it spreads over the network at lightning speed.

How to get cryptocurrency for free: types of airdrops

There are several types of Airdrop, which differ in terms of the distribution of free coins. Thinking about how to get cryptocurrency, you can choose the project that suits you best.

Automatic airdrop — when cryptocurrency holders receive additional coins that appeared as a result of a hard fork. It is worth noting that some cryptocurrency exchanges, for example, Binance, often conduct various distributions of certain tokens for those who simply keep them on the balance sheet of the exchange. To participate in such airdrops, you need to follow the announcements.

Incentive airdrop is a reward for certain actions of participants in social networks or forums.

There are also forms of airdrops, for which you need to have a certain amount of a certain cryptocurrency on your wallet.

While participating in airdrops is one of the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency, it’s worth remembering that not all projects will be successful. This means that you may not receive the promised coins for the time you spend. By reading the articles from the Monabey blog, you can learn more about the pros and cons of earning cryptocurrency without investing.

Airdrops: how to get cryptocurrency for free
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